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Visionär Film Festival


Visionär Film Festival – Encounters with new Auteurs defines itself as an interdisciplinary, transnational platform for networking and the exchange of actors in the fields of visual art, film, and music. Its vision is to promote young talents and to contribute to intercultural dialogue by visually presenting different socio-political issues and the different cultures that live in Germany. Through film, we hope to contribute to the sustainable promotion and of different representations of cultures – which we consider essential as part of individual and social development.

Thursday May 3rd

18:30 – The Park (Damien Manivel)
20:30 – The Family (Rok Bicek)
22:30 – Short Films
(Etage X, Anderswo, Tom Schäfer, Exit, Alex and Sasha)

Friday May 4th

18:30 – Park (Sofia Exarchou)
20:30 – Noble Earth (Ursula Grisham)

Sunday May 6th

18:00 – Park (Sofia Exarchou)
20:00 – Azougue Nazaré (Tiago Melo)

Monday May 7th

18:30 – Sarah Plays a Werewolf (Kathrina Wyss)