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Documentary/essay by Theo Anthony
OmU – English with German subtitles

"Combining elements including academic research, tender encounters with eccentric characters, Google Maps hacks, a Dan Deacon soundtrack, the tactics of rat hunters and the architectural adaptations of rat keepers, Rat Film tells a devastating tale of a city’s means of keeping its ‘undesirable’ elements in order."
– ICA, London

About the film

Across walls, fences, and alleys, rats not only expose our boundaries of separation but make homes in them. RAT FILM is a feature-length documentary that uses the rat- as well as the humans that love them, live with them, and kill them- to explore the history of Baltimore. "There's never been a rat problem in Baltimore, it's always been a people problem".

Premiered at Locarno Film Festival 2016, LUNAR and IL KINO are excited to present Theo Anthony's debut essay film. RAT FILM weaves together a portrait of Baltimore's "rat problem" and a striking, poetic account of social and racial inequalities. 

Anthony, whose cinematic style is influenced by Chris Marker, Werner Herzog and Harun Farocki as well as music videos and digital culture, challenges the role of the journalist in creating documentary narratives: "I want to understand how this process is used to anesthetize pain, to eliminate accountability, and how the divisions of artist and subject in film production mimic larger capitalist modes of exploitation. I want to make films that use a familiar visual language that can simultaneously speak to and challenge these histories of representation."