IL KINO Berlin

Great movies in small cinema and cosy bar

June 11- 20:00 Uhr: Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest - re.Run 4

Duration: 100 min
All films English or English subtitles
Mette Mikkelsen, Chivite Gil, Angel Manuel

Il Kino & Berlin Sci-fi present:

June 11:

  • The Fabric (21min Denmark)

  • Bloggers (75min Spain)

Feature Synopsis
YEAR 2078. All the Earth energetic resources are exhausted. The main world countries are suffering the worst crisis known by humanity. Meanwhile, The Company- lobby made up of multinational energy companies- discover large coltan deposits in Mercury. Coltan becomes the only possible power source, which makes The Company gain a political and economic control never before seen throughout history.

With outstanding cast performances Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest awarded Hortensia Chivite as Helena Durovic, Best Actress.

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All the films screened are in English or with English subtitles.