IL KINO Berlin

Great movies in small cinema and cosy bar


IL KINO opened November 2014, and is a small, independent cinema in Neukölln, with a separate bar & bistro. It was built on a passion for film, and a desire to create a nicer and more intimate atmosphere to watch film in than what most big cinemas offer. 

The 52 seat cinema is professionally equipped, with full quality sound and picture projection, in an intimate space, with plenty of legroom and lush seating.

In our view and experience, a good cinema experience extends beyond just when you are actually watching the film. That is why we wanted to create a place you would want to stay also before and after a film – or any other time, for that matter – whether it's with friends, or to meet other film interested people. 

That is why, connected to the cinema, there is a separate bar & bistro, serving mainly Italian food and wines, with large windows facing the street, and an outdoor patio just a few steps away from Maybachufer and Landwehrkanal.

The history

IL KINO was built and is run by three friends, Carla Molino, Daniel Wuschansky and Kristian S. Pålshaugen. Carla is an Italian documentary film maker, Daniel is a German TV script writer, while Kristian is a Norwegian musician and designer.

Like so many good things in life, this story also started unexpectedly, and through hard work turned into the realisation of a dream.